GM Words
Eng. Monther Shoblaq
CMWU Director General
Since the day one, CMWU worked to serve the water and wastewaterٍ
sector despite all the challenges and difficulties in the area; the Palestinian
conflict, the decline of donations and the Israeli offenses. Moreover, the
tightened siege and the electricity frequent problem which paralyzed
CMWU activities and impeded the accomplishment of many of projects.
Our achievements tell more about our message and vision where CMWU
established all of its administrative levels, developed its administrative plan
and activated the managerial and financial system. Along with this, CMWU
maintained excellent partnership with many of donors (25 donors) where
the amount of donation in the years 2005-2011 is about 96 Million Dollar,
and within the year 2013 it will reach 250 Million Dollar. CMWU also
maintain good relationship with the local institutions.
CMWU aims at supporting and developing the water and wastewater sector
through drilling water wells, constructing desalination plants, developing water and wastewater
networks, maintaining the water and wastewater facilities in addition to constructing and developing
wastewater treatment plants.
CMWU succeeded in managing the crisis of the Israeli war on Gaza in December 2008 by
recruiting the necessary funds needed to reconstruct the damaged facilities ($ 6 Million) in addition
to repairing the affected wells, wastewater networks and Gaza wastewater treatment plant in a
record time and high efficiency.
It must be admitted that the trust and support which distinguished the relationship between the
Chairman of Board of Directors, members of board of directors and CMWU general administration
at all levels -administrative and technical- was the catalyst behind all the creativity and excellence
that CMWU achieved despite all the difficult economical and political conditions.
In this regard, I appreciate the distinctive efforts and performance of all CMWU staff in the
headquarter and the Regional Offices; engineers, administrations, technicians and workers.
Special appreciation for everyone who supports and funds CMWU projects, particularly the World
Bank, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), The International Committee of the
Red Cross (ICRC), Qatar Red Crescent (QRC), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Turkish Red
Crescent (TRC), European Union (EU), Kfw Bankengruppe, gence Française de Développement
(AFD) and many of national and international organizations.
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